R&D co. is a leading Contracting Implementation & Supplier in the Middle East with a highly Experienced & Qualified Staff in the IT-Telecom market place.

R&D co. is able to install and Supply telecommunication infrastructure solutions and its complementary operational & support solutions in a comprehensive methods as well as ability to provide a service level that reflects the highest international standards with service quality, strive for customer respect, build up perseverance and foster innovation while handling any Telecom-Electrical business challenges.

R&D co. is Based in Amman, Jordan and extended in Palestine & Iraq at the first decade of the millennium, Our vision to become the premier Supplier of IT-Telecom services to whose business plans encompass a wide range of converged communications and mobile commerce space, in the Middle East & The Region .

Our believes in putting the customer at the center of our priorities is to create an environment that fosters long-term with a key component of our success lies in our ability to generate repeated and referral business by nurturing and servicing our clients in such a way that we create concrete and long-lasting relationships.

Our Services are based on highly flexible applications that offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to deliver business capabilities that meet the unique requirements of our clients today and into the distant future.


Our highly skilled and professional team with engineering control has enabled us to achieve our business goals by implementing  service quality.

The company's achievement is derived from the success of its human resources and the commitment of qualifications and excellence that each one holds strong to.